Where We Come From

Early Days

The Prodigitec story starts with a predecessor company (founded in 2008) which had the same drive but a different strategy. As a small company, the evolvement was brought about by local marketing through friends and the immediate community. At the time this company felt inferior to larger organizations in the same industry but instead of being overwhelmed by fear, the founder pushed forward to ensure that the organization produced quality designs. This required some more formal training to add on to the self taught tricks through Google and Youtube.

Years were spent in getting to the level of design which was targeted and eventually it did. Web Development skills were becoming a stronger point and after a few more years the quality of graphic work exceeded expectation… The skills were there but how does a small organization convince clients that they can produce designs with the same quality of well-known giants?


Through a great deal of marketing and a lot of money spent on business cards and flyers, there was still no solid business. The company then shifted the focus from chasing new clients to offering upgrades to the designs produced for existing clients. There after the online company portfolio spoke for itself and new clients came forward. More designs came alive especially in the Web Development space.

A jack of all trades is always a master of none and if he thinks he is, there is a specialist who defeats him in what he thinks he is good at. It was clear that the company cannot be operating as a one man show since the pressure was piling and the deadlines were impossible. The founder then moved on to engage great Graphic Designers, Web Developers and Application Developers to be part of the team. The structure was well defined and the great YOUNG minds came together to introduce the second generation of the predecessor company 10 years later.


Founded in 2018, the name Prodigitec is a shorter version of the actual name Prodigy Information Technology & Design… the design is silent. A Prodigy by definition is “A YOUNG person with exceptional qualities or abilities” it is also “An outstanding example of a particular quality”. In a sentence it would be used as follows;”Prodigitec is a Prodigy of the Web Development & Graphic Design discipline”

If you have read our story up until this point we thank you for your time. If you are reading as a prospective client we are more than ready to work with you. If you are reading as an aspiring designer, consider contacting us and see how we can contribute to your development. Our business is about changing lives through designs and our vision is to grow beautifully.